My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE relaease!!

My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE is released!!!キャーq(≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)pキャー

Android:9th Nov.
iPhone:22nd Nov.

One day, you, the heroine, are suddenly told that you are the daughter of the prime minister.
Not only that, but a mysterious entity has threatened the prime minister and your life is at stake.
To protect you from harm, you will be assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard!
The bodyguards to choose from each have their own distinct personality—and are all extremely handsome.
As you make your escape under threats of danger, your relationship with the bodyguard takes a romantic turn...
But where will your love lead?

It's a pity that I cannot play this game from Japan.・°・(ノД`)・°・
Can't help it...(´Д`) =3 ハゥー
Because I play a JP official version and GREE version of "My Sweet Bodyguard", I give up that I play it in English GREE.
GREE version and the official version have a difference in the story.
but....I'd like to play English version...(T-T)

It may be an effect of comment in at YouTube that this game was released.

Of course my recommended character is Subaru.(〃∇〃)


  1. Hello dear~ Do u perhaps know any blog that posted Mizuki's route to reach secret happy end?? it is for the english version btw.. T__T

    thanks for your help..

  2. There is a bug with the app making it unavailable at random times for people living in the US. If I had to take a guess, I would have to say that I run in to this error 25% of the times I try to access the game. Despite that, I still greatly enjoy this game and would recommend it. The game itself is very similar to app game 'Be my Princess' (which is also made by Gree.) Currently I'm playing Mizuki's route and I love him!