Staying With You Tonight

Is there a love for which you would do anything to see it come true – even if it means throwing everything away?

It’s your third month of marriage. You were supposed to have reached the height of happiness at home and at work, but this happiness crumbles when you witness your new husband engaged in an affair! In this state, gentle encouragement comes from the man you least expected...

“If I had the chance, I could make you happy...”
What will you do, as you find that you can’t break your hand away from his...?


Executive Secretary

You will work as a secretary in major advertising agency.
It is cool directors who can do work to have waited for you.
On the high-rise building top floor, the love of adult begins…


Dating the Devil

Suddenly, you will be targeted your soul to the devil.
You sign a contract in place to extend the life, all that sacrifice to the devil.
Beginning of being in highest as for the encounter love of life last…


My Sweet Bodyguard

One day, you, the heroine, are suddenly told that you are the daughter of the prime minister.
Not only that, but a mysterious entity has threatened the prime minister and your life is at stake.
To protect you from harm, you will be assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard!
The bodyguards to choose from each have their own distinct personality—and are all extremely handsome.
As you make your escape under threats of danger, your relationship with the bodyguard takes a romantic turn...
But where will your love lead?


Love & Scandal

You fall in love with a longed-for entertainer.
Can you carry through love with him through a trouble?


Love Letter from Thief X

201X year, Tokyo.
Thief of five people who called "social reform thieves" were the headlines the world.
One day, a card of unknown meaning, "We will get you" that you receive.
The key to treasure which they aimed at is you?



You become a university student and will share a room.
There is a "Yotsubaso" which  Arts University students could live in.
Your moving day, they were waiting for you...Are they roommates!?...6 men!?


Seduced in the Sleepless City

Your first job was in the women's magazine editor of longing, the coverage of the party.
Very famous celebrities greet you at the party.
In the city of night, dangerous invitation is waiting for you sweet.
If you wake up, on the bed in the suite room..
That celebrity of the topic sleeps in the next to you with a gossip magazine?
Darned gorgeous, do not try to love a little dangerous?


A Prince's Proposal

You, a normal university student, have an unexpected encounter with a prince on a street corner. He invites you to a party where you meet the princes of six nations. You soon find you are on intimate terms...
A future king, carrying the fate of his country, and you. What will be the fate of your love?


My Forged Wedding

You can pretend to be men first met his wife by some freak coincidence?
It is forged marriage.
But you live a life like newly-married couple….


Pirates in Love

You had boarded the pirate ship by some freak coincidence!!
They are pirates who are very strong, largehearted and thoughtful of friends.
You aim at Treasure Island with them!