I have a few questions

Because there was the comments about the western illustrations, I have a few questions.
It was written in Voltage official site, "realistic illustrations and scenarios created specifically for a North American female audience".
and...Americans want to change anything to their liking.
Therefore I thought that the western women prefer realistic illustrations.
But when I read a few comments on my blog, I might have misunderstood.

The illustration is very important in the game.
If it is not my favourite illustrations, I don't play the game.

Of course, some people like the western illustration.
But I don't like it.
I read Japanese comics and watched Japanese animations, from childhood.
so, I can't accept the realistic illustrations.
I'm not asking for reality to the otome games.
I am fall in love with Prince?
My lover is a thief?
I am a pirate?
I am a daughter of the Japanese Prime Minister?
Impossible!! lol ァ '`,、'`,、'`,、'`,、ヽ(´▽`)ノ

The average rating of users of Google Play
Prince  2.8 / Thief  2.9
Do you think it is proper?

These games are for Japanese.
How do you think about Japanese love, a way of thinking and culture?

I learn the overseas love and way of thinking by read the harlequin romance and watched the movies.
All of the harlequin romance's heroes are hot and rich men.
They are Mr.Right for the women.
But the harlequin romance and movies don't have "tsundere" or "otomen". lol

The Japanese men don't want his girlfriend to wear sexy clothes.
In Japan, the clothes which opened the chest give an impression of the bitch.
Though "beauty" and "sexy" are important with men and women in Europe and America, Japanese are not so.
Japanese men like cute and innocent girl.
So... as for the heroines of the otome game, most are virgins.

Depending on the games, I may be irritated with a heroine.
I can't sometimes understand the thought of the heroine.σ(^_^;)
I like heroine of ”My Sweet Bodyguard”(non gree).

Through the Internet, we can learn the overseas culture now.
For we Japanese it's a daily sight, but foreigners may seem strange.


  1. It's true that perhaps many Western women read harlequin romances and have different standards for the "perfect" guy, but I think many who seek to play otome games like the ones released by Voltage are those who are familiar with Japanese media, like anime, manga, etc. So I think leaving the art and story is fine!

    I really want to play A Prince's Proposal, but I'm very bothered by the Western art. I enjoyed the prologue, but I don't like the art enough to purchase routes. I wish Voltage could at least release two versions -- one with Western art/story and one with the original Japanese art/story -- if they are not willing to change the Westernized game back to the original. I'm upset to hear that the art is changing for My Lover's Thief, too. I really wanted to play it with the original art. I think there is a charm to the original games as well without changing the story to suit Westerners.

    1. I see...
      I think your opinion to release 2 versions is interesting.
      Which sells if Voltage released 2 ver.?
      I would be glad if Voltage to do just translated into English.
      I am interested how the character's words are translated into English.
      Because "My Forged Wedding", "Seduce in the sleepless city" and "In Your Arms Tonight" were only translated into English, I am glad.

  2. i also want to play A Prince's Proposal

    My Lover's Thief,

    but but when i think ( monster form face ) the feel gross

    i will just wait if translate the text only
    Annette you're right about making 2 one is Western and one for Asia

    1. I think they should not change the art, too.
      Everyone is lost the mind to play the game by western art.