Glass Stilettos in Manhattan release!

Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Voltage.Inc, delivered iPhone and Android app "Glass Stilettos in Manhattan" in Jan. 11, 2013.
It's a North America specifications "My romance" series the 3rd.
"Glass Stilettos in Manhattan" is North America version of the popular app "Seduce in The Sleepless City".
The release of an app that targets a North American audience brings significant changes to the arts and scenarios.


so……WHY is art horrible every time?・°・(ノД`)・°・
North America is good at making an art horrible.(´ー`)┌フッ
I think an art of North America version are real and gross.
It's more horrible than an old woman had performed "restoration" of a picture of Jesus Christ of the church in Spain.