"Love game Award 2013" in Dec.

Voltage,Inc. holds "Love game Award 2013 Ike-men Lovelympics" for Japanese users.


"Love game Award 2013" is a election deciding the popular games and characters by Japanese version(monthly fee & smartphone apps) users.

You can vote by purchasing a special story or a standby screen released during a period.

the upper section left side...

Ryoichi Hirose (Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Tadanobu Nomura(Special Investigation Team)
Ichigo Sato (Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Eiji Kiyosumi(My Sweet Bodyguard)

Kunihiko Aikawa(My Forged Wedding)
Koichi Natsukawa(In Your Arms Tonight)
Maximilien(Be My Princess2)
Shusei Hayakawa(My boss and My secret 2LDK)

Subaru Ichiyanagi (My Sweet Bodyguard)
Satsuki Kitaoji (Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Akito Kakiuchi(My Forged Wedding)
Ivan Chernenkov(Be My Princess2)

Eiki Yachigusa(Special Investigation Team)
Fumitaka Nishi(In Your Arms Tonight2)
Mitsunari Baba(Mischievous kiss in  a suite room)
Kaoru Kirishima(My boss and My secret 2LDK)

Takuto Hirukawa(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Yamato Kogami(My Forged Wedding)
Daichi Katsuragi(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Noel Aijima(Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Kippei Ebihara(In Your Arms Tonight)
Joji Chakura(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Kyosuke Narumi(Kiss of Revenge)
Eisuke Ichinomiya(Mischievous kiss in  a suite room)

Hiroshi Kirisawa((Special Investigation Team)
Hideki Ishigami(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Yuki Arisugawa(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Yuzuki Kitaoji(Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Ren Shibasaki(My Forged Wedding)
Sieg Lieben (Be My Princess season2)
Reiji Uraga(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Soryu Oh(Mischievous kiss in  a suite room)

Seiji Goto(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Hibiki Shiina(Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Will.A.Spencer(Be My Princess)
Haruka Utsunomiya(My Forged Wedding)

Riki Yanase(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Issei Sezaki(Kiss of Revenge)
Haruki Tanemura(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Minato Okochi(My boss and My secret 2LDK)

Speakeasy Tonight

Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. released "Speakeasy Tonight" for the iPhone on 21 November, 2013.

Speakeasy Tonight is loosely based on the popular Voltage Koi Game, "Mafia na Darling."
The game revolves around the theme of "romance on the edge of danger."
The story takes place in Chicago at the height of Prohibition during the 1920s. The heroine is a country side girl sent to Chicago by her parents where she gets caught up in a glamorous, but dangerous romance with the crew of an illegal speakeasy.

Class Trip Crush

Voltage Inc. released its newest English-language romance sim, Class Trip Crush, for iPhone and Android on 20th November, 2013.

This app for smartphones is the English-language version of Shuugaku Ryoko: Naisho no Koi and portrays a romance that develops over the course of a school trip.
Real travel destinations set the stage for a truly immersive romance in which users can enjoy the unique excitement of a class trip: getting into pillow fights and sneaking into the boys’ room after lights-out… all with a group of hot guys, each with his own distinct personality.

I hear there is no "school trip" on overseas school...
Do you know "school trip"?


White Lies & Sweet Nothings release!

Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. released the 8th game in its "My Romance" romance simulation series, "White Lies & Sweet Nothings", for iPhone and iPad on 6th November, 2013 (Android is scheduled to follow on 12th November).

White Lies & Sweet Nothings is inspired by Voltage's popular title "Chikai no Kiss wa Totsuzen ni" (known in English as My Forged Wedding) and developed specifically for the North American Market. Based on the theme "A true love which begins with a lie," the story has been completely reimagined, and the art has been redone with a stylish twist. The story revolves around the heroine's dream job at the world's top wedding planning company. What starts as a little white lie to get her foot in the door will change the heroine's destiny forever.

§* ̄- ̄)ふ~ん
I think this art is better than former games.

Otonari-san ni goyohjin

Japanese new game 「お隣さんにご用心」(Otonari-san ni goyohjin/ Beware of the neighbours) came out!! This game is for iphone and Android app.

This game is for women simulation game that depicting the love of adult pure starting with the flat. The story set is a small flat in Tokyo, Ueno. A popular artist moves in to the room next to you. You become acquainted with them, mundane day-to-day is beginning to change.