About the Japanese monthly service version that I play

Because I was asked about a JP official monthly service version in Facebook, I write it this blog.

Voltage,Inc. releases the Japanese official monthly service version, iPhone and Android app(Japanese & English) and GREE(Japanese & English) ver.
JP official monthly service version, Japanese & English app has the same story and illustrations.

At first, Voltage delivers a game by the JP official monthly service version in Japan.

Monthly service ver. is the version that Voltage contracts with a Japanese mobile phone carrier(NTT docomo, AU and Softbank) as for games and delivers in Japan.
(1 game monthly fee 315 yen)
You must contract with a Japanese mobile phone carrier to play a monthly basis version.
The Spin-off or a sequel is delivered free every month. (there is sometimes a pay spin-off)
I can play spin-off free unless I cancel a payment for a game.
When 20 hours don't pass as for the main and sequel (in some cases including the spin-off), I can't play the next chapter.
For example, I play chapter 1 of the Kippei route of "In Your Arms Tonight".
After I finished chapter 1, I can not play chapter 2 when 20 hours don't pass.
You will need a Japanese mobile line and a Japanese phone to access it.
And it is not available outside of Japan.

You can play the Japanese ver. app in the same way as English version in iPhone and Android.
You buy the character who wants to play.
(1 character, about 420 yen?)
The app games cost the money, but you can play in a short time.
English version is the same as JP apps.

【JP ver. app(iPhone and Android)】
Pirates in Love(English ver. release)
Seduced in the Sleepless City(English ver. release)
My Forged Wedding(English ver. release)
A Prince's Proposal(English ver. release)
My Sweet Bodyguard(non-GREE ver.)
The Legend of a Knight's Dedication to Love
Love Letter from ThiefX
Love & Scandal
School Trip Secret
*In Your Arms Tonight(English ver. release)
*Office Romance Secret Love
* You can play these games by one episode a week free.

Other than these game, only JP official monthly service version is delivered.

The stories and illustrations are different from GREE by the app.
But the story of "My Sweet Bodyguard" is based on JP official monthly service version.
Therefore the story is similar.

Be My Princess(English ver. release)
My Sweet Bodyguard(English ver. release)
Love & Scandal
Office Romance Secret Love
Turning Point - Love & Career
High School Love Rumble

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