1st Anniversary

「今夜アナタと眠りたい」(Konya anata to nemuritai/English title: In Your Arms Tonight) is delivered in Japan in November of the last year and is the 1st anniversary.
In the Japanese official site, the popular character vote by the user is held.(1st.Nov.~15th.Nov.)
Who will get No.1?
...I think Kippei will get No.1.

entry characters
・Kippei Ebihara
・Kiyoto Makimura
・Shohei Aiba
・Genji Higashiyama
・Koichi Natsukawa
・Ginnosuke Oguri(new character/Kippei's brother's friend)
・Souji Higashiyama(new character/Genji's brother)
・Ritsu Moriyama(new character/Koichi's friend)
Ritsu Moriyama!?
He does not have much of a presence.^^;

Sub Characters
・Aoi Kojima
・Yukako Asaoka
・Akiko Katayama
・Tetsuo(your father)
・Yoshiko(your mother)
・Takatoshi Natsukawa(father-in-law)
・Sachie Natsukawa(mother-in-law)
・Hana Ichikawa
・Nanami Yamaguchi
・Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

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