Love Letter from Thief X

201X year, Tokyo.
Thief of five people who called "social reform thieves" were the headlines the world.
One day, a card of unknown meaning, "We will get you" that you receive.
The key to treasure which they aimed at is you?


  1. May I ask, when is this available?

  2. can i play this in english 2013 July 21 in android or google play link plzz nextime

    1. They changed the art in the English version, it's not so good IMO. But if you want to play it, you can. Here's the link, I think it came out very recent.


    2. yuck i don't what the art sorry but i don't like the english art

    3. is it released on july 21, 2013?
      that sounds great!
      I will write down in my notebook not to forget it.メモ...φ('o'*)

    4. are there going to release the english version look like monster is there any plan for translating only without changing the art style Love Letter from Thief X

    5. I am a fan of Voltage games. I have purchased everything put out that is not
      in the My Romance series because I like the art. The new art is either Twilight meets
      Otome or Barbie meets Otome. And frankly it's creepy. So please please release this game
      with the original art.

      can i ask if the japanese be my princess japan art but english translate
      ( english text only ) not the art it look like a monster really

      just asking

    6. makes sense...
      I did not want them to change the art in English version, too.