Tohiko - ai no sentaku -

Japanese new game 「逃避行-愛の選択-」(Tohiko - Ai no sentaku/ Runaway trip -choice of love-?) will be come out in May.
This game is for iphone and Android app.

One day, the heroine who worked as a bank employee is falsely accused of embezzlement.
She escapes with him to prove her innocence.

There is little information of the characters.…orz


A Knight's Devotion release!

This smartphone app is the English-language version of Ai wo Sasagu Densetsu no Kishi(愛を捧ぐ伝説の騎士), a hugely popular romance game in Japan in which users can experience a love story as the princess of a kingdom and the knights who protect her. The stories and characters appear just as they did in the original Japanese release, allowing users from around the world to enjoy the app in its entirety in English.

Because I was not too interested, I played only Lute.^^;
and his story was just at half price. lol


kiss and bullet to spy characters

Characters of  Japanese new game "スパイにキスと銃弾を"(kiss and bullet to spy)
Who do you like?

Riku Shishizaki

Motoharu Kotani

Ichiya Kanokawa

Ryohei Okami

Yojiro Maki