Voltage Koi-game Characters General Election 2014

Voltage Koi-game Characters General Election 2014 "Kare One Guran-puri(Grand Prix)"

voting:17th June - 6th July

#1 Hiroshi Kirisawa(Metro PD: Close to You) 103,538

#2 Ryoichi Hirose(Seduced in the Sleepless City) 102,513

#3 Tadanobu Nomura(Metro PD: Close to You) 63,068

#4 Eisuke Ichinomiya(Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) 58,499

#5 Hideki Ishigami(My Sweet Bodyguard) 51,601

#6 Seiji Goto(My Sweet Bodyguard) 44,481

#7 Takuto Hirukawa(Love Letter from ThiefX) 40,167

#8 Subaru Ichiyanagi(My Sweet Bodyguard) 38,671

#9 Yuki Arisugawa(Love Letter from ThiefX) 36,561

#10 Yamato Kogami(My Forged Wedding) 35,705

#11 Soryu Oh(Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) 29,723
#12 Ivan(Be My Princess2) 27,635
#13 Satsuki Kitaoji(Seduced in the Sleepless City) 26,128
#14 Eiki Yachigusa(Metro PD: Close to You) 25,368
#15 Ren Shibasaki(My Forged Wedding) 24,136
#16 Akito Kakiuchi(My Forged Wedding) 23,507
#17 Ichigo Sato(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo) 23,029
#18 Minato Okouchi(Our Two Bedroom Story) 22,968
#19 Hibiki Siina(Seduced in the Sleepless City) 22,964
#20 Will(Be My Princess) 22,282

#21 Sousuke Kikuchi(Saigo no Koi, Boku ni kudasai) 20,350
#22 Yuzuki kitaoji(Seduced in the Sleepless City) 19,721
#23 Noel Aijima(Seduced in the Sleepless City) 19,639
#24 Riki Yanase(Love Letter from ThiefX) 19,632
#25 Kaoru Kirishima(Our Two Bedroom Story) 19,503
#26 Aki Fujishima(Saigo no Koi, Boku ni kudasai) 18,838
#27 Daichi Katsuragi(My Sweet Bodyguard) 18,532
#28 Shusuke Asano(Metro PD: Close to You) 18,483
#29 Miyabi(Enchanted in the Moonlight) 18,091
#30 Haruka Utsunomiya(My Forged Wedding) 18,054

#31 Yukinojo(Enchanted in the Moonlight) 17,552
#32 Chikage(Enchanted in the Moonlight) 16,962
#33 Sieg(Be My Princess 2) 16,187
#34 Outa Kizaki(Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) 16,161
#35 Ryohei Kimura(Metro PD: Close to You) 15,831
#36 Reiji Uraga(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo) 15,574
#37 Mamoru Kishi(Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) 15,557
#38 Eiji Kiyosumi(My Sweet Bodyguard) 14,332
#39 Taiga Kujo(Love Letter from ThiefX) 13,888
#40 Suuichiro Momoi(Saigo no Koi, Boku ni kudasai) 13,470

#41 Joji Chakura(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo) 13,265
#42 Trvor Konno(Seduced in the Sleepless City) 13,263
#43 Max(Be My Princess 2) 13,111
#44 Shusei Hayakawa(Our Two Bedroom Story) 12,630
#45 Kyoga(Enchanted in the Moonlight) 12,184
#46 Akiyoshi Zaizen(Our Two Bedroom Story) 11,662
#47 Chiaki Yuasa(Our Two Bedroom Story) 11,082
#48 Mitsunari Baba(Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) 10,284
#49 Haruki Tanemura(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo) 9,519
#50 Shinra(Enchanted in the Moonlight) 6,290


Kare One Grand Prix interim report①

Voltage announced the interim report of the "Kare One Guran-prix" at 20th June.

No.1 Hiroshi Kirisawa 14089
No.2 Ryoichi Hirose 13988
No.3 Eisuke Ichinomiya 10832

#4 Hideki Ishigami 9672
#5 Tadanobu Nomura 9577
#6 Seiji Goto 9193
#7 Takuto Hirukawa 8571
#8 Yamato Kogami 7855
#9 Soryu Oh 7713
#10 Yuki Arisugawa 7661

#11 Subaru Ichiyanagi 6516
#12 Minato Okouchi 5495
#13 Ivan 5414
#14 Reb Shibasaki  5409
#15 Satsuki Kitaohu 5232
#16 Ichigo Sato 5226
#17 Akito Kakiuchi 5187
#18 Eiki Yachigusa 5015
#19 Sousuke Kikuchi 5012
#20 Miyabi 4789

#21 Chikage 4740
#22 Aki Fujishima 4691
#23 Hibiki Shiina 4636
#24 Kaoru Kirishima 4587
#25 Will 4544

Voltage Koi-game Characters General Election 2014

Voltage,Inc. is going to do in June "Kare One Guran-puri(Grand Prix)" (Koi-game Characters General Election 2014) for Japanese official version(including monthly fee ver.) users this year.

*This election is a vote deciding the popular characters by Japanese official version(including monthly fee ver.) users.

■vote period 17th June - 6th July
result announcement 7th July

■The vote method
It becomes the vote when you purchase "general election items" sold on a qualified scale during a vote period.

■Entry Characters
【My Forged Wedding】
・Yamato Kogami
・Ren Shibasaki
・Haruka Utsunomiya
・Akito Kakiuchi

【Be My Princess】

【Dreamy Days in West Tokyo】
・Ichigo Sato
・Haruki Tanemura
・Joji Chakura
・Reiji Uraga

【Love Letter from ThiefX】
・Takuto Hirukawa
・Riki Yanase
・Yuki Arisugawa
・Taiga Kujo

【Seduced in the Sleepless City】
・Ryoichi Hirose
・Hibiki Siina
・Yuzuki kitaoji
・Satsuki Kitaoji
・Noel Aijima
・Trvor Konno

【My Sweet Bodyguard】
・Subaru Ichiyanagi
・Daichi Katsuragi
・Hideki Ishigami
・Seiji Goto
・Eiji Kiyosumi

【Metro PD: Close to You 】
・Hiroshi Kirisawa
・Tadanobu Nomura
・Eiki Yachigusa
・Shusuke Asano
・Ryohei Kimura

【Kissed by the Baddest Bidder】
・Eisuke Ichinomiya
・Soryu Oh
・Outa Kizaki
・Mitsunari Baba
・Mamoru Kishi

【Our Two Bedroom Story】
・Minato Okouchi
・Kaoru Kirishima
・Shusei Hayakawa
・Chiaki Yuasa
・Akiyoshi Zaizen

【Enchanted in the Moonlight】

【Saigo no Koi, Boku ni kudasai】
・Aki Fujishima
・Suuichiro Momoi
・Sousuke Kikuchi


恋人は公安刑事(Koibito wa Kouan-keiji)

Voltage Inc. released its newest Japanese game, 恋人は公安刑事(Koibito wa Kouan-keiji/ My Lover is a Public Safty Officer), for iPhone and Android on 17th June, 2014.

It was delivered new app from "My Sweet Bodyguard".

It was public security police school that a heroine with the aim of becoming a police was taken!
Good-looking fiendish instructors who was waiting there.


真実の恋は甘い嘘から(Shinjitsu no koi wa amai uso kara)

Voltage Inc. released its newest Japanese game, 真実の恋は甘い嘘から(Shinjitsu no koi wa amai uso kara/ True love from the sweet lies), for iPhone and Android on 7th May, 2014.

It is love drama app about the emotional conflict of the heroine who has been fascinated with the good-looking man who approached to deceive oneself.
The heroine working as a free-lance photographer meets reporter good-looking man in a newspaper office.
His true identity was a detective to aim the data of the photos she took!
Her life is threatened by darkness society organizations for the photo.


Metro PD: Close to You

Voltage Inc.released its newest English-language romance sim, Metro PD: Close to You(Tokubetsu Sosa - Micchaku 24ji), for iPhone and Android on April 1st, 2014.

The story is set at Tokyo’s police headquarters.
You, a rookie detective, have been transferred to Special Investigations: 2nd Unit.
Your job is to go undercover to investigate dangerous cases, and you’re partnered up with one of the guys in the department - a seasoned expert in his field.
You find yourself growing closer and closer to him as you make it through life-threatening situations together.


Serendipity Next Door

Voltage Inc. released its newest English-language romance sim, Serendipity Next Door, for iPhone and Android on March 6th, 2014.

This app is the English-language version of お隣さんにご用心(Otonari-san ni Goyoujin), the story of a girl whose dreams come true when she falls in love with her neighbor.

The story takes place in a small apartment building in Ueno, Tokyo. The heroine of the story’s ordinary life is turned upside down when a man from a completely different world, a famous musician, moves in next door. The two neighbors meet nightly on their shared balcony, growing ever closer until love blooms.