"My Lover's a Thief" is release!

Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Voltage.Inc, delivered iPhone and Android app "My Lover's a Thief" in Nov. 19, 2012.
It's a North America specifications "My romance" series the 2nd.
"My Lover's a Thief" is the English-language version of the Japanese app "Love Letter from Thief X", available as an official monthly service from mobile phone carriers, an app for smartphones in Japan.
The release of an app that targets a North American audience brings significant changes to the illustrations and scenarios.

Hmm......Even if I write my Walkthroughs in this blog……it's a nonsense?
If stories are a little different, Walkthroughs may be different.


Who are they!?(°Д°;≡°Д°;)
I don't know them!!

This is NOT Takuto!
Kenshi, Hiro, Riki, Atsumu and Tatsuro are VERY DIFFERENT!! ( ̄■ ̄|||)
I prefer Japanese version.

my image is break down....orz


    I'm not going to pay for this! :s
    We want "Japanese" art! ^^

  2. the weird problem is that on the iphone this version was published on a different developer's page which could somehow mean that they might release the original art version on the original developer's page because on the voltage romance sims fb page they did not announce anything about this version and also the cover photo shows the original art picture with the english title name...

    1. I guess that voltage didn't announce about it on the fb page because it is released from the subsidiary.
      I learned about it on the voltage official site(japanese).

  3. I'll never buy those 'westernized' versions.
    The art gives me the creeps. >_<

    I hope that more people don't buy the 'westernized' versions. Maybe that way, they'll notice that we don't want the games 'westernized'. I don't get why they have to change the original art, which everyone loves, to such ugly artwork, which almost no one likes. Isn't it easier to just translate the game into English?

    Well, I really hope they give us 'Be My Princess' and 'Love Letter From Thief X' in the original version too. (Because they show them since November 1st with the orginial art in their FaceBook Banner.)