Serendipity Next Door

Voltage Inc. released its newest English-language romance sim, Serendipity Next Door, for iPhone and Android on March 6th, 2014.

This app is the English-language version of お隣さんにご用心(Otonari-san ni Goyoujin), the story of a girl whose dreams come true when she falls in love with her neighbor.

The story takes place in a small apartment building in Ueno, Tokyo. The heroine of the story’s ordinary life is turned upside down when a man from a completely different world, a famous musician, moves in next door. The two neighbors meet nightly on their shared balcony, growing ever closer until love blooms.


Saigo no koi, boku ni kudasai

Voltage Inc. will release its newest Japanese game,最後の恋、僕にください(Saigo no koi, boku ni kudasai/ Please give me your last love), for iPhone and Android on March, 2014.

You don't fall in love with anyone only by work for a while.
Such you are in love after a long absence?
You dressed impeccably, and let's dating!
However... What should I the next of the kiss do?
I can not remember!!
It is him to sometimes lead you who are puzzled forcibly.
I may be in love with him once again.
A feeling to be in love that stopped starts running again …