Love Game Award 2012

Votes:29th Nov. - 8th(?) Dec.

【Game section】
No.1 Seduced in the Sleepless City(1)
No.2 Be My Princess(3)
No.3 My Sweet Bodyguard(2)
The number in () is ranking of "Love Game Award 2011".

【Story section】
No.1 Urban Kobe OPEN (Sleepless)
No.2 My graduation ceremony (princess)

【Speech section】
No.1 「オレに一生イジメられる覚悟ある?」(シンデレラ・遼一)
(Ore ni issho ijimerareru kakugo aru?)
So get ready to be teased for the rest of your life.(Ryoichi)
(Daisuki, omae ga. Shojiki, sore-igai no kotoba ga mitsukaranai.)
I love you. It honestly, I can't find other speech.(Yamato)

【New section】
No.1 Dosokai wa Koi no Hajimari
No.2 Ai o sasagu densetsu no kishi

No.1 Hibiki Shiina(sleepless)
No.2 Toru Kurosawa(bodygurad)

■Host Club
vote: 11th Dec.- 24th

【Club ranking】
No.1 Club VIP
No.2 Club Elite
No.3 Club Fox
No.4 Club Prince

【Hosts(characters) Ranking】
No.1 Ryoichi Hirose
No.2 Subaru Ichiyanagi
No.3 Seiji Goto
No.4 Takuto Hirukawa
No.5 Yamato Kogami

#6 Will.A. Spencer  13,643 votes
#7 Hideki Ishigami  13,239 votes
#8 Hiroshi Kirisawa  11,800 votes
#9 Ichigo Sato  11,784 votes
#10 Satsuki Kitaoji  9,893 votes

#11 Ren Shibasak  9,630 votes
#12 Riki Yanase  8,924 votes
#13 Tadanobu Nomura  8,629 votes
#14 Daichi Katsuragi  8,394 votes
#15 Kunihiko Aikawa  7,805 votes
#16 Kippei Ebihara  7,596 votes
#17 Yuzuki kitaoji  7,492 votes
#18 Zain  7,416 votes
#19 Takao Maruyama  6,729 votes
#20 Prince Sieg Lieben  6,075 votes

#21 Prince Glenn.J. Casiraghi  5,726 votes
#22 Noel Aijima  5,722 votes
#23 Kiyoto Makimura  5,507 votes
#24 Koichi Natsukawa  5,405 votes
#25 Takamasa Saeki  5,319 votes
#26 Chihaya Koda  5,305 votes
#27 Mirai Kageyama  4,930 votes
#28 Prince Joshua Lieben  4,822 votes
#29 Nagi(Nathan)  4,699 votes
#30 Kenshin Shiota  4,481 votes
#31 Shiki Kurobane  4,319 votes
#32 Shin(Eduardo)  4,286 votes
#33 Taketo Kanzaki  3,980 votes
#34 Shion  3,950 votes
#35 Lute  3,008 votes
#36 Toya Kirihara  2,360 votes


  1. Wow, Goto actually won the third. It also surprises me that Will dropped to the 6th after being in 3rd for many election. And it looks like Nemuranu Machi is very popular in Japan.

    1. I was surprised at the ranking of Goto, too.
      Because he was originally an assistant character.
      I miss the time when he appeared in the spin-off(Shanghai episode/Subaru's route) for the first time. lol
      I guess that he has won, his sequel(non-gree) influenced it.
      yes, Nemuranu machi(seduce~) is very popular.^^

  2. I like Yamato more than anyone else, I don't know why...maybe it is because he likes warabi mochi?? Oh and the nickname "Pouty" is cute