Love Game Award 2012 Club & Host interim report

Voltage announced the interim report of the clubs & hosts nomination ranking by Japanese users.
Club Ranking

No.1 Club VIP
No.2 Club Elite
No.3 Club Fox
No.4 Club Prince

Hosts Ranking

The number in () is ranking of the general elections in June.

No.1 Ryoichi Hirose (1)
No.2 Subaru Ichiyanagi (2)
No.3 Seiji Goto (7)
No.4 Takuto Hirukawa (4)
No.5 Yamato Kogami (5)

#6 Will.A. Spencer (3)
#7 Hiroshi Kirisawa (6)
#8 Hideki Ishigami (14)
#9 Ichigo Sato (16)
#10 Satsuki Kitaoji (10)

Will Ryoichi get No. 1 again?
I wish Subaru get No.1 and Goto keeps No. 3!


  1. I don't really understand what's all these hosts and clubs about can you pretty please explain a little for me? Kekeke thanks <3

    1. "Love game award" of the last year was ranking of 100 characters of popularity in the same way as "a general election".
      Voltage changed it into the host club form this year.

      Voltage chose the popular character of each games 28 and distributed them to four clubs.
      And they selected four characters by the vote of users.
      Remaining four characters were chosen from new games.
      This competes for the number of the nomination (the number of the votes).

      Users purchase the story of the character whom they want to nomination.
      Three kinds of stories.
      The number of the nomination is three kinds, too.
      The purchase are...
      1 nomination(vote): 150pt
      5 nominateions(votes): 450pt
      10 nominateions(votes): 900pt
      (1 pt=1 yen)

    2. So if we have to pay if we want to vote? That's so sick! :/ and do they make videos for the winning one? Like the previous ryoichi one?

    3. It is only an official monthly service Japanese user that they can participate in it.
      Voltage doesn't make a video for the winner this time.
      The winner will appear to the Japanese magazine.
      And his privilege story will be delivered.

    4. I see.. Thank you for your info <3 you know this so well! Are you a japanese? ^^

  2. Personally I don't mind that Ryouichi is no.1. If I can vote, I'll vote for him too, but it amazed me that Goto reached 3rd. Would love it if he keeps 3rd.
    And it does amaze me how popular Hiroshi Kirisawa is. Well, since the game he is in is only in the monthly type, I don't know how I should feel about him.

    1. I am amazed Goto takes No. 3. , too.
      Because, top 3 of the past three times of popular character election (character general election 2011 and 2012, love game Award2011) was Subaru, Ryoichi and Wilfred.