Host club in Love game Award 2012 is open!

The popular character vote by the Japanese user is performed in "The Love Game Award 2012" now.

The selected characters are all 36.
28 characters from high ranks of the general election in June.
4 characters who were chosen by the vote of the Japanese users.
4 characters from new games.
The result announcement is 25th Dec..
Users purchase the story of the character whom they want to nomination.
Three kinds of stories.
The number of the nomination is three kinds, too.
The purchase are...
1 nomination(vote): 150pt
5 nominateions(votes): 450pt
10 nominateions(votes): 900pt
(1 pt=1 yen)

Voltage collects money from us in this...(´Д`) =3 ハゥー

Who have most user's nominations?
Who have most user's nominations in each clubs?
Which club has most user's nominations?

Formal members

The number in () is ranking of the general elections in June.

Ryoichi Hirose(1)(Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Hiroshi Kirisawa(6)(Special Investigation Team)
Satsuki Kitaoji(10)(Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Hideki Ishigami(14)(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Kunihiko Aikawa(19)(My Forged Wedding)
Daichi Katsuragi(24)(My Sweet Bodyguard)

Koichi Natsukawa(28)(In Your Arms Tonight)
Kiyoto Makimura(47)(In Your Arms Tonight)
Sieg Lieben(-)(Be My Princess season 2)

The number in () is ranking of the general elections in June.

Subaru Ichiyanagi(2)(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Seiji Goto(7)(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Tadanobu Nomura(11)(Special Investigation Team)

Riki Yanase(17)(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Takao Maruyama(22)(My Forged Wedding)
Shin(Eduardo)(25)(Pirates in Love)

Takamasa Saeki(27)(My Forged Wedding)
Chihaya Koda(41)(Seduce In The Sleepless City)
Lute(-)(The Legend of a Knight)

The number in () is ranking of the general elections in June.

Will.A.Spencer(3)(Be My Princess)
Ren Shibasaki(8)(My Forged Wedding)
Nagi(Nathan)(15)(Pirates in Love)

Touya Kirihara(18)(Kaseifu koi ha keiyakukara)
Glen.J.Casiraghi(21)(Be My Princess)
Noel Aijima(23)(Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Shiki Kurobane(26)(Dating the Devil)
Taketo Kanzaki(35)(School Trip Secret)
Shion(-)(The Legend of a Knight)

The number in () is ranking of the general elections in June.

Takuto Hirukawa(4)(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Yamato Kogami(5)(My Forged Wedding)
Kippei Ebihara(9)(In Your Arms Tonight)

Zain(12)(Be My Princess)
Yuzuki kitaoji(13)(Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Ichigo Sato(16)(Kichijoji Days of Love)

Joshua Lieben(20)(Be My Princess)
Mirai Kageyama(37)(Seduce In The Sleepless City)
Kenshin Shiota(-)(I will love you, many times over)

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