Voltage Koi-Game Characters general election 2013

voting:6th June 2012 - 23th June 2012

#1 Ryoichi Hirose (Seduced in the Sleepless City)

#2 Subaru Ichiyanagi (My Sweet Bodyguard

#3 Takuto Hirukawa (Love Letter from ThiefX)

#4 Hiroshi Kirisawa(Special Investigation Team)

#5 Seiji Goto(My Sweet Bodyguard)

#6 Hideki Ishigami (My Sweet Bodyguard)

#7 Yamato Kogami(My Forged Wedding)

#8 Satsuki Kitaoji (Seduced in the Sleepless City)

#9 Tadanobu Nomura(Special Investigation Team)

#10 Hibiki Shiina(Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Oh...there are 5 policemen in the Top 10. lol

#11 Will.A.Spencer 19,827(Be My Princess)
#12 Ivan Chernenkov 17,409(Be My Princess)
#13 Haruka Utsunomiya 16,160(My Forged Wedding)
#14 Riki Yanase 15,472(Love Letter from ThiefX)
#15 Daichi Katsuragi 15,268(My Sweet Bodyguard)
#16 Yuzuki kitaoji 14,352(Seduced in the Sleepless City)
#17 Ren Shibasaki 13,021(My Forged Wedding)
#18 Ichigo Sato 12,964(Kichijoji Days of Love)
#19 Noel Aijima 12,213(Seduced in the Sleepless City)
#20 Eiji Kiyosumi 12,105(My Sweet Bodyguard)

#21 Kunihiko Aikawa 11,798(My Forged Wedding)
#22 Kippei Ebihara 11,727(In Your Arms Tonight)
#23 Sieg Lieben 10,737(Be My Princess season2)
#24 Takao Maruyama 10,521(My Forged Wedding)
#25 Kouichi Natsukawa 10,007(In Your Arms Tonight)
#26 Issei Sezaki 9,225(Fukushu no Kiss wo anata ni)
#27 Eiki Yachigusa 9,220(Special Investigation Team)
#28 Asato Takamiya 8,878(Koi no tuzuki wa honeymoon de)
#29 Hiro Sarashina 8,790(Love Letter from ThiefX)
#30 Joshua Lieben 8,353(Be My Princess)

#31 Joji Chakura 7,777(Kichijoji Days of Love)
#32 Shusuke Asano 7,656(Special Investigation Team)
#33 Satoru Kamagari 7,437(Dating the Devil)
#34 Riku Shishizaki 7,130(Spy ni Kiss to Judan wo)
#35 Gaku Yanagisawa 6,576(Koi no tuzuki wa honeymoon de)
#36 Nagi(Nathan) 6,426(Pirates in Love)
#37 Takeru Ashida ,5,665(In Your Arms Tonight season2)
#38 Motoharu Toratani 5,642(Spy ni Kiss to Judan wo)
#39 Shiki Kurobane 5,534(Dating the Devil)
#40 Shin(Eduardo) 5,395(Pirates in Love)

#41 Haruki Tanemura 5,343(Kichijoji Days of Love)
#42 Kyosuke Narumi 5,115(Fukushu no Kiss wo anata ni)
#43 Shu Mishima 3,580(In Your Arms Tonight season2)

【Rookie Selection】
Ivan Chernenkov(Be My Princess Season 2)

【Pick up Selection】
Takuto Hirukawa (Love Letter from ThiefX)

【Adult Boyfriend Selection】
Hiroshi Kirisawa(Special Investigation Team)

I didn’t think Ishigami was ranked the 6th.^^;
I think because Will(Wilfred)'s story didn't delivered, his rank was down.
Characters of Sleepless and Bodyguard are ranked in the Top 10 by 3 characters each.

How do you think of this result?


  1. How do you vote? I wanna vote too >.<
    Please reply please >.<..

    1. I'm sorry, this is the popularity vote Japanese users perform.m(__)m
      You can't do it to participate in this vote when you don't enroll in Voltage's monthly fee service applications.
      The monthly fee service apps are delivery only for Japan.

      I think that Voltage should try the popularity vote by overseas users.
      I am interested who becomes No. 1 overseas.
      In addition, it is interesting to compare the overseas popularity with Japan.

  2. Nooo..(━┳━ _ ━┳━)nooooooooooooooo.com/
    Why Voltage, why └(>o< )┘ http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdwbmo2znu1rv8h5k.gif
    I agree with you, I want to know whos leading overseas too And no, you dont need to apologize\(◕‿◕✿) Its no one's fault ✌゚∀゚

  3. Btw I love your whole blog, thanks to it i get lots of info.
    Thx Cocomi~

  4. What happened to Prince Wilfred?? He was always third while Takuto was fourth and Yamato fifth.... Well... At least Takuto is third...

    1. Ikr. ����
      I hope he will move up in position in this year's election! ><

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