French version "Seras-tu Ma Princesse?" was delivered!

Voltage delivered love game "Seras-tu Ma Princesse?" for first French translation.
All the stories and characters are original version.
only text is translated French.

Android: 14th June
iOS: June

I hear Japanese culture is popular in France.
If it is true, does this game become popular in France?

I want to know what French women thought about it.


  1. It's true that Japanese culture is popular here, quite amazing~
    But I don't know many people who actually play otome games, but since I've already bought the English version, there is no need to buy the French one and I'm pretty most women would think that way. It could be great for new players though, as well to non-English speakers~
    I asked some friends (not interested in Japanese culture) if they would play the game, and answered they would give it a shot just for the art! (though they were reluctant to pay lol)
    However, there were lots of mistakes, grammars one especially. I've played only the prologue and it just irks me, maybe I'm just too picky...

    1. Thank you for comment.
      I'm glad the Japanese culture is accepted in France.^^
      Well, Japan expo begins soon.
      But I am concerned about the possibility that the sloppy Japanese culture that Chinese imitates is misunderstood.
      I watched the Japanese restaurant which a Chinese ran in Australia.
      When I watched it, I thought overseas people misunderstood Japanese foods and culture by these.(ノ_-;)ハア…

      Is French of the French version like the expression that translated in Google translation?

  2. Sorry for the late answer !
    Sadly I couldn't attend the Japan Expo this year, but I did a few years ago, I'm pretty sure it's still awesome as ever!
    Oh it's true that a lot of restaurants, which are supposedly Japanese, are run by Chinese people here. Actually, in the past (like 5+ years ago?), I met a lot of French who thought "Oh! It's a Chinese person!" once they saw an Asian person >_<... They use to generalize a lot!
    It's just that they're a little ignorant of the eastern culture, that's why they can't really see the difference, though I think it's quite rude to think every Asian is Chinese...
    But lately, the Asian culture became a lot more popular! I've seen the number of people wanting to learn Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc each year increase greatly. They even begin to learn these languages in primary school or middle high school!

    Oh no, it's not translated by Google fortunately!! It would have been an insult to release it this way lol

    1. I see...
      I think no wonder that the Japanese are mistaken for Chinese in oversea.
      Because China has many both area and population. lol
      There are many people who think that "He is American" when Japanese saw Western people also.
      When I see Westerners in Japan, I think all of them speak English.^^;
      I think that it is the same as it. So, it's "お互い様"(Otagaisama).
      (I can't find the English of suitable nuance of "Otagaisama"....orz)

      It is great to learn a foreign language in primary school.スゴィッ(*゚д゚ノノ
      I respect overseas people learning Japanese.
      Because they learn hiragana, katakana and kanji.

      Why would Asian culture become popular?
      What of the Asian culture will the Westerner feel charm in?¢(・ ・*)ゞ うーん