My Killer Romance release!

Voltage, Inc., released My Killer Romance for iPhone.
My Killer Romance is loosely based on the popular Japanese romance sim, Akuma to Koi Suru Toukakan (Ten Days In Love with a Demon).

Up until today, your life has been going smoothly, but now you've discovered that a team of Soul Collectors has been trying to kill you and has failed each time.
With your life in the balance, you manage to convince them to give you ten more days, but there’s a catch.
One of the Agents of Death will need to keep an eye on you, and it's up to you to choose which one!
Can a relationship with a “Collector” really work?

I'm afraid this art! 壁|]ロ゚;)))ガタガタ!!

As far as I watch this art, this game is suspense-like rather than a romance.
Because art is real, I may think so.


  1. Is there going to be a walk through for this game soon?

    1. no.
      i don't play because this game's arts are scary.

  2. It looks scary but once you play it's not. I really think you should do a walk through, it's one of my favorite games but
    I'm having some trouble getting the happy endings on my own