Do you believe this rumor?

The news that "Japanese government denies rumors of ghosts haunting prime minister's residence" is going around.

Do you know that there is rumor that the Prime Minister's office of Japan is haunted?

The Prime Minister's office which MSB's heroine goes well.

The Prime Minister's office and official residence remodelled in April, 2002.
The reason of the rebuilding strengthens deterioration and the crisis control system.
However, rumors of hauntings have long dogged.
Because this place is the place that is not unrelated to a mysterious phenomenon historically.

It is the place where there was the mansion of the Nabeshima clan of Saga in old days.
Nabeshima clan is well known for "Bakeneko sodo"(The Monster Cat Riot) in Japan.

Built in 1929, the residence was formerly used as the prime minister's office and has a bloody history.
Prime minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was assassinated there in 1932(May 15 Incident), and four years later several officials were killed in an attempted military coup known in Japan as the February 26th Incident.

Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori talked about his fright publicly.

2:00 a.m. of April 25, 2001.
He woke up to a sound such as the metal.
It was a sound that someone is turning the doorknob from the outside of the room.
If it is urgent business, someone knock on the door or get a phone call.
He said "Who is it?"
Then footsteps to run in the corridor went away.
There should be no intruders from outside the strict official residence of the prime minister is in Japan security.
In fact, the guards denied it clearly.
Everyone was sleeping.
"I think the ghosts might came for greetings before an old official residence disappeared", Mr. Mori talked so very much seriously.

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