"My Sweet Bodyguard" Korea version release!

Voltage,Inc. performed JOYMOA Corporation(South Korea) and co-operation.
And, in application downloading service site "Olleh Market" which Korean major communications carrier KT Corp. ran,  "My Sweet Bodyguard Subaru edition" the love game that became for first Korean for Android OS from September 22, 2012.
Subaru is No.1 popular character in this game.
He got No.2 in Characters general election 2012.(He was No.1 in 2011)

"My Sweet Bodyguard" is the game that I love most.
so, I hope that Voltage,Inc. release English version of this app!!(≧人≦)オネガイ~~!!!!
I will download it if English version is released.
I enjoy Japanese and an English side-by-side translation.lol

Subaru Ichiyanagi ↓


  1. If you think this one is the best... I DEFINITELY HAVE TO PLAY THIS ONE!^^
    Can't wait for the english release!

    1. I can't wait to release in English ver. too!
      I wish English version is released. m(゚- ゚ )please…