New game is coming soon in Japan

Voltage,Inc. will deliver new game "キミを愛す、何度でも"(Kimi wo aisu, nando-demo) November in Japan.
The new game supports Japanese feature phones and doesn't support Japanese smartphones.
(It is December that it supports Japanese smartphones.)
I can play the new game from December...orz

You become the memory loss in a sudden accident.
Five men that they are called your fiance to have appeared before you.
What's going on!?
Even though you can't trust anyone, fell rolling out of your pocket, the engagement ring!
Who is your real fiance?
Can you get true love?

oh!... there was a questionnaire about new games a few months ago.^^;

your 5 fiances

cool / president of Kimono shop

mysterious / psychosomatic medicine doctor

fine / ex colleague

oresama...・・・( ̄  ̄;)ummm... "egocentric"? / chief priest of a Buddhist temple
blond hair chief priest!?
I am interested in him.( ´艸`)

play boy / cafe waiter


  1. Thank you!
    Can't wait for the english release! ^^