"Love game Award 2013" in Dec.

Voltage,Inc. holds "Love game Award 2013 Ike-men Lovelympics" for Japanese users.


"Love game Award 2013" is a election deciding the popular games and characters by Japanese version(monthly fee & smartphone apps) users.

You can vote by purchasing a special story or a standby screen released during a period.

the upper section left side...

Ryoichi Hirose (Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Tadanobu Nomura(Special Investigation Team)
Ichigo Sato (Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Eiji Kiyosumi(My Sweet Bodyguard)

Kunihiko Aikawa(My Forged Wedding)
Koichi Natsukawa(In Your Arms Tonight)
Maximilien(Be My Princess2)
Shusei Hayakawa(My boss and My secret 2LDK)

Subaru Ichiyanagi (My Sweet Bodyguard)
Satsuki Kitaoji (Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Akito Kakiuchi(My Forged Wedding)
Ivan Chernenkov(Be My Princess2)

Eiki Yachigusa(Special Investigation Team)
Fumitaka Nishi(In Your Arms Tonight2)
Mitsunari Baba(Mischievous kiss in  a suite room)
Kaoru Kirishima(My boss and My secret 2LDK)

Takuto Hirukawa(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Yamato Kogami(My Forged Wedding)
Daichi Katsuragi(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Noel Aijima(Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Kippei Ebihara(In Your Arms Tonight)
Joji Chakura(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Kyosuke Narumi(Kiss of Revenge)
Eisuke Ichinomiya(Mischievous kiss in  a suite room)

Hiroshi Kirisawa((Special Investigation Team)
Hideki Ishigami(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Yuki Arisugawa(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Yuzuki Kitaoji(Seduced in the Sleepless City)

Ren Shibasaki(My Forged Wedding)
Sieg Lieben (Be My Princess season2)
Reiji Uraga(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Soryu Oh(Mischievous kiss in  a suite room)

Seiji Goto(My Sweet Bodyguard)
Hibiki Shiina(Seduced in the Sleepless City)
Will.A.Spencer(Be My Princess)
Haruka Utsunomiya(My Forged Wedding)

Riki Yanase(Love Letter from ThiefX)
Issei Sezaki(Kiss of Revenge)
Haruki Tanemura(Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
Minato Okochi(My boss and My secret 2LDK)

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