Thank you

Today two years ago, large earthquake and tsunami hit in Japan.
There was "Christchurch earthquake" in New Zealand in February before this earthquake hit.
Nobody thought that a large-scale earthquake hit in Japan 17 days after this earthquake possible.
The city where I live in only small shook, and there was not the damage.
I was surprised to turn on the TV to watch the earthquake information.
The picture which a tsunami is attacking was broadcasted live to TV.

Because there is much access in this blog from the overseas countries, I would like to reiterate my thanks to overseas people.
There is a saying in Japan, 「掛けた情けは水に流し、受けた恩は石に刻む」(Kaketa nasake wa mizu ni nagashi, uketa on wa ishi ni kizamu).
The meaning is "let forget all that you have done kindness for others, and engrave in the stone for don't forget that all that others have done kindness for you."
We Japanese would remember your kindness for 11th March 2011 forever.
Just saying thank you is not enough.
We Japanese are full of thankfulness. Arigato.

Thank you so much.

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