Glass Stilettos in Manhattan release!

Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Voltage.Inc, delivered iPhone and Android app "Glass Stilettos in Manhattan" in Jan. 11, 2013.
It's a North America specifications "My romance" series the 3rd.
"Glass Stilettos in Manhattan" is North America version of the popular app "Seduce in The Sleepless City".
The release of an app that targets a North American audience brings significant changes to the arts and scenarios.


so……WHY is art horrible every time?・°・(ノД`)・°・
North America is good at making an art horrible.(´ー`)┌フッ
I think an art of North America version are real and gross.
It's more horrible than an old woman had performed "restoration" of a picture of Jesus Christ of the church in Spain.


  1. I'm trying to be open-minded and accept that perhaps North American prefer this kind of art. I'm also trying to respect the works Voltage Entertainment USA gave in making this game.
    But... But...
    Turning my Ryoichi-sama into a kind of hobo-like man is an unforgivable sin.

    1. I dunno who corresponds to whom.(ノ_-;)ハア…
      Because an image of Japanese art is strong for me, I have sense of incongruity to the picture of the North America version.
      It seems to me that North American art is a live-action to Japanese comics or animations.
      Hollywood makes a Japanese animation into a live-action film and it resembles a feeling to disappoint us.(for example, DRAGON BALL)

  2. I'd say i prefer the Prince 's Proposal version better. This is plain scary... ^^; kowaii desu... honto ni

    1. I think so.
      this art is terrible.( ̄ー ̄;

  3. Please don't think us Americans like this type of art either! There are many of us who appreciate the original art more. I don't know why they changed the art for this game. The new art is ugly! The original Japanese version is much better! I wish they would just translate the text into English and leave the art alone. The US app store ratings are usually better for the Voltage games that keep the original Japanese art.

    1. I don't think all American people like such an art.
      I know these arts are received mixed reviews in iTunes and Google Play.
      North American version's arts are not liked to us Japanese who grew up watching Japanese animations.
      I guess most of Americans who don't like this art may be people liking Japanese animations.